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Weekday Program Guide

12:00amPraise and Worship Music
4:30amLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
5:00amTruth For LifeAlistair Begg
5:30amIronworks RadioTyler Warner
6:00amMoving ForwardStephen Rummage
6:30amLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
7:00amFocus on the FamilyJim Daly
7:30amTurning PointDavid Jeremiah
8:00amPathway to VictoryRobert Jeffress
8:30amIn TouchCharles Stanley
9:00amLeading the WayMichael Youssef
9:30amThe AlternativeTony Evans
10:00amDiscovering the Jewish JesusRabbi Kirt Schneider
10:30amInternational Gospel Hour
11:00amFamily TalkJames Dobson
11:30amReal Life RadioJack Hibbs
12:00pmGrace to YouJohn Macarthur
12:30pmTruth For LifeAlistair Begg
1:00pmThru the BibleJ Vernon McGee
1:30pmMoving ForwardStephen Rummage
2:00pmRightside RadioPhil Williams
5:00pmPriority Talk Greg Davis
7:00pmFocus on the FamilyJim Daly
7:30pmLeading the WayMichael Youssef
8:00pmThru the BibleJ Vernon McGee
8:30pmGrace to YouJohn Macarthur
9:00pmTruth For Life Alistair Begg
9:30pmPathway to VictoryRobert Jeffress
10:00pmLove Worth FindingAdrian Rogers
10:30pmIn TouchCharles Stanley

Saturday Program Guide

12:00amPraise and Worship Music
8:00amUnderstanding the Times
9:00amThe Land Show
10:00am The Rocket City Retirement ShowCris Wallace
11:00amRetire with Freedom
12:00pmGrace to YouJohn Macarthur
12:30pm2 Lights Media
1:00pmFearless FaithMary Grothe
2:00pmTAB News
3:00pmPraise and Worship Music
4:00pmDrag Race
5:00pmWords of Grace
5:30pmPraise and Worship Music
6:00pmNational Crawford RoundtableBob Dutko, Neil Boron, John Rush, Roger Marsh
7:00pmThe AlternativeTony Evans
7:30pmPraise and Worship Music
8:00pmFaith of our Fathers
8:30pmLeading the WayMichael Youssef
9:00pmPraise and Worship Music
11:00pmThe No Compromise Encd Times Broadcast
11:30pmYouth on the March

Sunday Program Guide

Time ProgramHost
12:00amPraise and Worship Music
6:00am Pathway to VictoryRobert Jeffress
6:30amThe AlternativeTony Evans
7:00amThru the BibleJ Vernon McGee
7:45amInternational Bible Hour
8:00amTruth For LifeAlistair Begg
8:30amIn TouchCharles Stanley
9:00amLutheran Hour
9:30amLeading the WayMichael Youssef
10:00amWorship & the Word
10:30amFamily TalkJames Dobson
11:00amPraise and Worship Music
12:00pmMoving ForwardStephen Rummage
12:30pmGrace to YouJohn MacArthur
1:00pmPathway to VictoryRobert Jeffress
1:30pmWashington Watch Weekend
2:00pm2 Lights Media
2:30pmPraise and Worship Music
3:00pmUnderstanding the Times
4:00pmFamily TalkJames Dobson
4:30pmInternational Gospel Hour
5:00pm Lutheran Hour
5:30pmWorship & the Word
6:00pmIn TouchCharles Stanley
6:30pm2 Lights Media
7:00pmNational Crawford RoundtableBob Dutko, Neil Boron, Roger Marsh, John Rush
8:00pmPriority Talk Greg Davis
9:00pmTurning PointDavid Jeremiah
9:30pmPathway to VictoryRobert Jeffress
10:00pmFocus on the Family WeekendJim Daly
11:00pmTruth For LifeAlistair Begg
11:30pmYouth on the March